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About Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Knowledge of what happens with the water in a distribution system is the key to properly manage it. In a water scarce city like Chennai, smart water metering systems are essential to manage the demand and ensure equitable supply.The water from five reservoirs, 5 water treatment plants and two desalination plants is conveyed and distributed to the consumers.During the severe drought the city faced this year, the lack of effective meter based water supply data created a difficult situation for CMWSSB to manage the scarce resource effectively.

Worth of Water

We all know how important and precious the water is. Whenever there is no water in our taps, we become helpless. No life can exist without water, since water is essential for life as air is. Water is not essential for human beings, but also for animals, plants and all other living beings. It becomes almost imperative in a modern society, to plan and build suitable water supply schemes, which may provide portable water to the various sections of community in accordance with their demands and requirements.

Good Water Supply

The lack of effective meter based water supply data created a difficult situation to manage the scarce resource effectively. Water supply plan is fundamental keeping in mind the end goal to full fill the need of water and it should likewise be possible by the Augmentation of water. Hence decided to install insertion type electromagnetic flow meters at the head works, treatment plants and in distribution system.

Measure and record the quantity produced or pumped and supplied to the consumers

To minimize the Non-revenue Water

To help in assessing and diverting excess water flowing to one area to other needy areas

To enable to access data remotely.

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