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About Pedestrian Plaza Project

There is a proposal to establish a pedestrian plaza in Sir Thyagaraya Nagar to utilize the space available on the existing road and pavement to incorporate all essential pedestrian amenities and create an open social space outside shops free of automobiles. People, particularly senior citizens and the differently-abled, will finally have a place to walk, shop, eat and lounge freely without the fear of motor accidents. In many instances, the pedestrianisation of roads has acted as a catalyst for economic growth, attracting tourists and locals alike.

The pedestrian plaza planned by Chennai Smart City Limited and the Greater Chennai Corporation will be established on Sir Thyagaraya Road between Panagal Park and Mount Road. The section will be characterized by 3 types of cross sections.

Chennai – Wonderland In The Making

The Chennai beautification and development program is running effectively so far. The Chennai Smart City Ltd. in association with Greater Chennai Corporation has envisioned to promote an environment-friendly Chennai by encouraging citizens to reduce vehicular usage and take regular walks on Pedestrian Plaza Street.

The Paths of Progress:

Theyagaraya Road from Panagal Park to Thanikachalam Road for a length of 730 m

Thanikachalam Road to Boag Road junction for a length of 380 m

Boag road to Mount Road junction for a length of 525m

Assisting You Attain Your Fitness Goals!

A Chennaiite walks, Chennai rocks! With a prime objective of endorsing walking as the best and cheap form of exercise, we began the Pedestrian Plaza Project. We say, physical activity need not be vigorous or complicated, something as easy as walking is effective, low impact and requires minimal equipment. A healthier lifestyle is steps away!

Benefits of Regular Walking:

Strengthens your muscles and bones

Brisk walk helps you gain agility

Reduces the risk of heart diseases

Reduces the risk of diabetes

A 30-min walk at 2mph burns up to 750 cal.

Our Best Foot Forward With Pedestrian Plaza Project:

Guardians of Nature Taking walks for short distances instead of vehicles is our way of caring for the environment

City Makeover The colossal beautification plan of Chennai is up and running with resourceful modifications

Health Mode On – This project was commenced keeping in mind the well-being of citizens by encouraging them to walk

Start Socializing Meeting new people, catching up with old pals at such places effectively helps you reduce stress

Case Studies

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