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Luna Sea - Looper GUITAR TAB

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LUNA SEA - WISH (2021)

新潟県が制作した新潟清酒の紹介動画「酒の国にいがた」で鈴木 一史センター長のインタビューや日本酒学センターの取組が紹介されています。
An interview with Director SUZUKI Kazushi and the initiatives of Sakeology Center are introduced in the video “Sake Country Niigata” produced by Niigata Prefecture.
The “Sake Country Niigata” is a video introducing Niigata Sake, and can be viewed on the Niigata Prefecture website, Niigata Prefecture’s official YouTube channel, and also on the Sakeology Center’s official YouTube channel.
The video is available in Japanese, English, French, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).
Please take a look.
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