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About LED Lighting

One of the major initiatives taken by Greater Chennai Corporation under Smart City Project is replacing of existing Sodium Vapour lamps with LED lights. LED based lighting system has become a popular substitute for low voltage brighter lighting. LEDs are favored over incandescent bulb or CFL as LEDs convert far more of their energy into light. For instance, substantial amount of energy is wasted as heat in bulbs. Increased efficiency means a drop in withdrawal from the grid or the batteries will last much longer maintaining the brightness. The expected lifetime of LEDs is over 10 lakh running hours. To top it all, the maintenance cost is negligible, as it operates at a very low voltage.

Smart Street Light Video

Brighter Chennai, Better Chennai!

Chennai is the pioneer city in India for converting sodium vapor lamps into LED lights. Greater Chennai Corporation’s vision to replace the Sodium Vapor lamps with LED lights has been materialized. The prime focus and responsibility is to ensure that Chennai City is lighted and illuminated during night hours. Illuminated city areas beautify the location. It is a proven track record that anti-social activities had drastically reduced by improving the coverage of lighting. In this project, total number of 1772 Sodium Vapor lamps have been replaced by LED lights in the ABD region of T. Nagar. Considering the cost involved in the street lights, GCC feels that the installation of energy saving lights is the need of the hour.

Delivering The Promises Made

Greater Chennai Corporation has successfully delivered the job as promised. The project has been completed successfully & currently the maintenance period is underway.

The Highlights Of This Project Are:-

According to statistics, a total number of 1772 LED lights have been supplied and fitted.

An estimated amount of Rs 41,58,000 will be saved per year

A total amount of 6,54,800 Kwhr will be saved in terms of energy.

The total cost of this project is INR 3.44 crores.

The Features Of Converting Sodium Vapor Lamps Into LED Lights Are:-

LED Lights have wider coverage of areas compared to Sodium Vapor Lamps.

Improving the coverage space of lighting reduces anti-social activities.

LED Lights have better life time and they also use less energy.

LED Lights cost significantly less than Sodium Vapor Lamps.

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