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About Namma Chennai Grievance Redressal App


The Namma Chennai app has been developed by Greater Chennai Corporation and Chennai Smart City Limited as a Public Grievance Redressal App. Using a dashboard, corporation officials track all aspects of the civic grievances voiced by residents. The system assists residents during any calamity, mobilise them and send notification directly to all the residents. Any resident can take photographs of the civic issue and upload them. The issues include potholes on roads, storm-water drains, solid waste management, stray dogs and streetlights.

Namma Chennai App Video

Chennai’s Own Grievance Redressal App

In a big metropolitan city like Chennai, it is necessary for the officials to track all aspects of civic grievances and complaints voiced by residents. To come up with a solution, the Namma Chennai app has been developed, designed and devised by Greater Chennai Corporation and Chennai Smart City Limited. The mobile app was inaugurated and introduced by Minister of Local Administration, S.P. Velumani in the presence of Ministers D. Jayakumar and P. Benjamin. With this mobile app, any resident can take photographs of the civic issue and upload them.

Namma Chennai App – Power On Your Mobile Screen

 Chennai Smart City Limited’s vision is to implement the use of technology for the betterment of its citizens. With the introduction of Namma Chennai Redressal App, we are one step closer to respond to the grievances of the citizens as complaints made through the App are accessed directly by the officials which helps reduce the response time considerably.

The Highlights of This App Are:-

Namma Chennai App can be easily downloaded in Android and iOS phones and other relevant devices.


Namma Chennai App has received a good response from the citizens. Starting with 10,000 downloads at the initials stage of introduction, the App is spreading widely among the citizens of late.

This app has the feature which helps residents to track their complaints. Senior officials find it easy to manage the public grievance Redressal system with geo-tagged information.

This App is so efficiently designed to help the residents receive information on various civic issues and information on topics like disaster management, property tax, public health and elections.

Addressing The Voice of Citizens

Namma Chennai App is the perfect platform for the citizens to voice their resentment and opinions. Besides, the app is user-friendly which makes it easier to operate for the citizens. Also, citizens can report any incident directly as everyone has access to mobile phones, which helps the officials to respond at the right time.

The various benefits of Namma Chennai App are:-

By simply clicking a picture and uploading on the app, civic issues like potholes, storm water drains, solid waste management can be reported.

Easy tracking of progress of the complaint on the mobile app. Citizens will also receive information about various civic issues. 

The system will assist residents during any calamity, mobilize them and send notification directly to all residents providing them valuable information. 


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