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Smart Technology

Smart Technology

We have created solutions for smart and unified governance for easier and efficient decision making and we have created a constructive format to systemize the process of implementation to enable the government notifying and updating the status of each project to the citizens through transparent communication strategies. We have applied key liveability parameters by improving service delivery of government and also provide the virtual environments to monitor, observe and study governance processes.

28 classrooms across Corporation schools in Chennai have been redesigned with Smart boards, tablets and external keyboards to provide virtual teaching and learning methods to the city's teachers and students.

An one-stop mobile app with 10 services for Corporation related processes, enquiries and complaints. A virtual learning and decision-making environment, with state-of-the-art technology to exhibit, monitor and innovate on Smart City projects.
A platform to unify and integrate several government verticals like disaster management, emergency response, waste management, etc. to facilitate precision analysis and efficient decision making.

Hi-tech system to redesign and develop transport and traffic systems for smoother flow, ease of communication for commute and fleet management.