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About Installation of Solar Rooftops in GCC Buildings

One of the initiatives taken by Chennai Smart City Limited is installation of Solar Rooftop in GCC buildings.As per the TamilNadu Solar Energy Policy 2012,Government has set a target of achieving 2,000 MW of solar power by 2015. This policy promotes solar rooftop systems, solor water heating systems, development of solar parks,etc. One of the measures for promoting solar rooftop systems is that all new Government/Local Body Buildings shall necessarily be installed solar rooftops & existing Government and /Local Body Buildings will be provided with solar rooftops in a phased manner. In this regard, Greater Chennai Corporation(GCC) plans to implement Solar Rooftop in all 662 GCC buildings under its ownerships


According to the scope of work, GCC has planned to install solar roof tops in 662 GCC buildings through RESCO model. After installation, the installed solar roof tops will be operated and maintained for a period of 25 years. These solar rooftops are expected to meet around 80% of the energy requirements for the GCC buildings. The vision of this project is to reduce our dependency on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels and promote the usage of renewable resources. Solar rooftops is also a great alternative to fossil fuels, which cost 20% lesser than grid energy.


With the rapid increase in urbanization, natural resources and fossil fuels are being depleted with every passing day. There is a serious need to implement recycling techniques for utilizing renewable resources to the fullest. As per the Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012, Government has set a target of achieving 2000 MW of solar power by 2015. This policy will help to save massive amounts of electricity by utilizing the energy generated through the solar panels.

The Highlights Of This Policy Are:-

This Policy Promotes Solar Rooftop Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems, Development Of Solar Parks, Etc.

For Promoting Solar Rooftops, It Is Decided That All New Government/ Local Body Buildings Shall Necessarily Install Solar Rooftops.

To Support This Policy, Chennai Smart City Limited Has Taken The Initiative Of Installing Solar Rooftops In GCC Buildings

In This Regard, GCC Plans To Implement Solar Rooftops In 662 GCC Buildings Under Its Ownership.


Apart from cutting down the electricity bill and reducing your carbon footprint, installing solar rooftops has other benefits too. Installing solar rooftops in residential places can help to improve the value of your home. According to this project, the additional benefits of installing solar rooftops in GCC buildings are:-


The GCC through the Chennai Smart City Project will provide a healthier way of living and socializing to the citizens of Chennai. Parks act as a common meeting place for citizens in a particular area. They will also beautify the city. Some benefits of parks for a city and its people are:

Electricity Saver

Electricity Saver

Energy generated from solar panels helps in saving massive amounts of electricity.



Once installed, solar rooftops costs less for maintenance.

Green Energy

Green Energy

Solar rooftops is a renewable energy source which is beneficial for our planet.

Less Carbon Emissions

Less Carbon Emissions

Solar rooftops helps in reducing carbon footprint and pollution.

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