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About Augmentation of Water Supply

At present, a large number of water connections in Chennai lack effective flow meters to monitor supply. As part of the augmentation and rehabilitation of the water supply network in the city, the installation of flow meters at a pan-city level will be carried out. Using information generated from these meters, Chennai Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board (CMWSSB) will be able to better manage the supply of water in the city. To streamline the procedure in the billing of consumers for the water they consume, CMWSSB has proposed to install AMR (Automatic meter reading) meters with a wireless data collection system on a pan-city basis in two phases. In the first phase, it is proposed to install automatic meter reading (AMR) systems in 12,708 intensive consumer connections (using more than 500 kilolitres per month).

Subsequent household-level metering will also promote the CMWSSB’s aim of collecting a quantity-based volumetric tariff instead of the present water tax collected in the city. This will act as a deterrent to the wastage of water by consumers and reduce the amount of non-revenue water supplied.


The citizens of Chennai will enjoy a rush of fresh water supply, thanks to the Chennai Smart City’s Water Supply Rehabilitation and Augmentation Project. This project in T.Nagar ABD will increase the volume of water available to the citizens apart from preventing loss of water due to leakages and as non-revenue water (NRW). The aim of this project will be to combat rapid urbanization and renew old and inefficient infrastructure.


The Chennai Smart City Project has set definitive paths to go about their plans in renovating the city’s waterways. These paths are mainly divided into the planning & development, research and physical level. Categorizing the different levels of work will make it smoother for plans to be worked upon. The paths would be as follows:

Manpower Development And Training And Provision Of Equipment

Pre-Investment Studies, Detailed Engineering Designs Including Designs

Physical Implementation Of The Water Supply Augmentation And Rehabilitation Work


After carefully analyzing the critical areas of improvement for Chennai’s water ways, the Chennai Smart City Project has streamlined the actionable methods towards improving water distribution in the city. The systematic actions taken on the basis of these methods will help the Chennai Smart City Project to achieve its goals. Critical solutions to issues identified in the ABD area:


The Chennai Smart City aims to combat water related problems in the city. To achieve this, clear cut objectives have been set to improve the water distribution systems of the city. Setting of these objectives provides a good prerequisite to starting work on the goals. Some objectives of this project are:

Long Term Viability Of Water Supply

Better Health And Productivity Of The Population

More Efficient Management Of Urban Water Supply

Long-Term Financial And Managerial Viability Of Water Supply Operations

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