Mobility Smart Mobility

Chennai Smart City Limited is the executing agency of the project. Takemo Sakamoto, chief representative, JICA India office, said the project would optimise the way traffic lights work and reduce long vehicle queues at the city’s main intersections. The project will also provide traffic information visual message signs or LED display boards to road and bus users.

“City traffic has risen steeply with rapid urbanisation. While metro trains are one of the solutions, we are taking another step forward by introducing this new project to enhance mobility through the help of ICT based system,” he said.The statement further said, “The ITS-based traffic control system will benefit all road users — from private vehicle users to users of public transport, cyclists and even pedestrians. This project will be implemented within the right-of-way on the existing road network in Chennai, and will not affect the city’s natural or social environment,” the release said.