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About Pedestrian Street Project

The Greater Chennai Corporation is set to replicate the TN mega streets programme to make its streets smarter. The plan is to improve 471 bus route roads that cover a distance of 389 km

Under the project, the proposal is to re-design the streets with footpaths, provide underground ducting for all types of cables and make streets more vibrant with amenities. This is to ensure that the roads are not dug up frequently for utilities.

Some of the streets will also be redesigned with themes to give them an identity. “Unlike pedestrian plaza in T Nagar, all roads will not have wide footpaths. The idea is to have a connected network of footpaths on all roads. We are also planning for a cycle track network that can be linked with the cycle sharing system.

Pedestrian Street Video



The Pedestrian Street Project was initiated by the Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) in association with Chennai Smart City Ltd. The primary objective of this project is to beautify these selected streets in ABD Thyagarayanagar Area and provide citizens with unhindered walkways.

Project Plan Includes:

Improving The Foot Path

Installation Of Speed Breakers

Road Marking Using Thermoplastic Paint And Studs

Provision Of Planters And Garbage Bins

Shifting Of Electricity Transformers To Facilitate Pedestrians Have A Unhindered Walk Way

Rain Water Harvesting Structures

Provision Of LED Street Lights


Here Is What GCC Promotes Through Bicycle Lane Projects


The makeover in Chennai streets is a citizen-centric project to promote walking as the best exercise. The Pedestrian Street Project serves our important purpose of ensuring congestion-free roads, making foot paths a lot safer for citizens and inculcate a healthier lifestyle in Chennaiites.

Keep Walking, ‘Fitness’ Is A Good Destination To Be At:

Strengthens Your Bones And Improves Balance

Increases Muscle Strengths And Endurance

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Diseases

Increases Cardiovascular And Pulmonary (Heart And Lung) Fitness

Brisk Walking Acts As An Antidepressant

Our Best Foot Forward With Pedestrian Plaza Project:

Guardians of Nature Taking walks for short distances instead of vehicles is our way of caring for the environment

City Makeover The colossal beautification plan of Chennai is up and running with resourceful modifications

Health Mode On – This project was commenced keeping in mind the well-being of citizens by encouraging them to walk

Start Socializing Meeting new people, catching up with old pals at such places effectively helps you reduce stress

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