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About Redesigning Major Roads

Major Roads in the city are being redesigned to employ a holistic approach to street design which incorporates primary mobility elements — like footpaths, cycle tracks and carriageways — as well as secondary elements such as trees, bus stops, street furniture and organised vending spaces, in an integrated manner. Streets will be designed based on a scientific assessment of the needs and behaviour of street users, as observed in the surveys part of the study.

Utilities will also be made underground to create more space for surface utilization for further development. Traffic calming measures will also be used to ensure pedestrian safety on all these streets. Additionally, the aim is to also make all these spaces accessible to all users, regardless of age, gender or physical ability through the adoption of global best practices.


With the ever-increasing number of vehicles venturing on roads, there is a need for tackling the unending traffic and road congestion. This also generates a lot of complications for the pedestrians walking on the roads. We believe that improving pedestrian pathways and promoting non-motorized transport is the key to the fluent flow of transportation. Furthermore, for expanding pedestrian pathways, there will be no digging of roads to avoid disruption of traffic.


GCC is the first Municipal Corporation of India to implement the Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) policy. The initiative of constructing pedestrian friendly foot paths is just a small part of the policy. The purpose of this initiative is to promote the mediums of non-motorized transport and encourage people to take up walking.

The Benefits Of Redesigning Major Roads Are:-

Non-Motorized Transport Helps In Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission.

Walking Is For People From All Age-Groups As It Is The Best Exercise.

Using Non-Motorized Transport Also Reduces Carbon Print.

Walking Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attacks And Acts Like A Great Stress Buster.

By Walking, You Contribute Towards The Environment At The Same Time.


Greater Chennai Corporation believes in striving hard to improve the quality of our environment. We constantly adapt better techniques and new technology using Research and Development to maintain the ecological balance. Keeping that in context, the Bus route roads department of GCC has proposed to redesign the 23 concrete roads by improving the pedestrian pathways. Out of the entire project, 95% of the work has been completed. Apart from widening the footpath, the following components are also proposed

Installation Of Speed Breakers To Calm The Traffic

Providing Planters & Garbage Bins

Road Marking Using Thermoplastic Paint & Studs

Provision Of LED Street Lights For Lightning During Night Hours

Providing Rainwater Harvesting Structures To Improve The Ground Level

Shifting The Existing Electrical Transformers & Pillar Boxes For Unhindered Pathways.


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