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About Smart Meter of Smart Chennai

TANGEDCO, through Chennai Smart City Limited, intends to implement Smart Meters with AMI(Automated Infra Structure) system under Chennai Smart City Schemes in T.Nagar under Area Based Development(ABD), on mixed/hybrid communication technology. The solution is prepared to adopt RF mesh network for thickly populated areas and Cellular network(GPRS/3G/4G) for areas has been prepared on Smart Meter with RF Technology for 1.27 lakh customers in the area.


The modernization of the energy networks is currently considered to be the largest infrastructure project of all times. The smart meter plan advocates a social and economically viable upgrade of our existing energy system, while striving to achieve sustainability for future generations; ultimately, it supports the energy strategy of our government.


Providing A Platform For Improved Customer Service, E.G. Timely And Accurate Readings Support Billing Without Need For Estimation.

Detailed And In Time Information Of Energy Usage For Identifying Opportunities For Energy Savings.

Building A Platform For Future Smart Grids.

Allow Remote Connection / Disconnection Of Supply

Allow Remote Connection / Disconnection Of Supply

Case Studies

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Lynn, from Hertfordshire, is a personal finance blogger and lives with her husband and three boys.

Smart meter review | Sarah's case study | Smart Energy GB


She has a prepay smart meter and enjoys the flexibility of being able to top up at her local shop or online, from the comfort of her own home.