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About Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is nothing more than using vertical space to grow vegetables (or herbs, or flowers , even root crops), often using containers that hang on a sunny wall. The Vertical Gardens help reduce the carbon foot print of the structure and cleans outside air of pollutants and dust. It also equalizes the carbon footprint of people and fuel emissions by filtering pollutant and carbon-dioxide out of the air. This benefits those living nearby and the quality of air is thus improved in built-up areas. It reduces urban heat island effect and smog.

Vertical Gardens are being provided beneath the Grade Separator and is being followed in major cities all over the world and also in many cities in India like Bangalore.


In these recent years, there has been a boom of urbanization. To satisfy the never-ending need of residential and technological development, parks and open spaces are being replaced with tall skyscrapers and humongous industries. Hence, to counter the lack of greenery in cities, Greater Chennai Corporation has decided to adopt the technique of Vertical Gardening. Simply put, Vertical Gardening is a process of using vertical space to grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, even root crops. To grow plants and vegetables on vertical spaces, containers are often used that hang on a sunny wall.


Greater Chennai Corporation is achieving more than one objective with the implication of Vertical Gardening. Not only the Vertical Gardens will reduce carbon footprint of the structure, but also assist in reducing urban heat island effect and smog. Adopting better technology to improve the quality of our city is the mantra of Chennai Smart City Limited. As the part of the Smart City mission Vertical Gardens are created and organized at the junction of G.N.Chetty Road and Thirumalai Pillai Road in T.Nagar.

The Additional Benefits Of Vertical Gardens Are:-

Improving The Quality Of Air In Built-Up Areas.

Filtering Pollutants And Carbon-Di-Oxide From The Air.

Relieving Tension By Replacing Dead Concrete Walls With Lively Green Spaces.

Combating The Spike In Pollution And Acting As A Natural Sound Proofing Barrier.


Case Studies

Award-winning Sydney mixed-use development with vertical gardens


Defined by its green walls and cantilevered heliostat reflectors, this large-scale development creates a new gateway to the Sydney CBD.